Edisphere Any to Any Network


Modern EDI Software & Web Services (API) Integration platform

Edisphere – Data integration platform seamlessly integrates ERP systems and cloud systems using traditional EDI X12, EDIFACT, proprietary flat-files, SAP IDOC and modern SOAP / REST based Web Services (API) Integration formats like XML, JSON, over internet! It is available in both on-premise windows server platform and cloud platform.

Edisphere does it in the most Affordable Way!

Key Benefits

Robust EDI platform

Edisphere data integration platform is proven at large organizations like Ports America in USA and Imperial Logistics in South Africa, doing millions of EDI transactions per year, in a very demanding 24x7 business critical EDI scenario. Our EDI software is horizontally scalable for high-performance requirement and hot fault-tolerant (supports active-active redundancy).

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Best value for your EDI software

Edisphere data integration platform is highly suitable for complex hierarchal EDI mapping scenarios. Coupled with our highly EDI knowledgeable support staff and low EDI support cost, our EDI solution is simply the best value for your EDI software requirement. Besides, we are very flexible in adapting to your urgent requests and offer 24x7 helpdesk support.

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Comprehensive EDI Solution

Edisphere data integration platform is a feature rich EDI software, comprising of both, EDI translation tools and EDI pre-translation productivity tools, which helps in implementing complex EDI scenarios very quickly and robustly.

Unlike most EDI providers, EDISPHERE Data Integration platform has strong any to any EDI mapping capabilities for complex hierarchal X12 / EDIFACT to XML / JSON mapping, creating proprietary file formats in fixed-length format, variable-length format, CSV, importing XML Schema, mapping SAP IDOC to any format, cloud data integration using SOAP / REST based web services (API Integration), seamlessly integrate database lookups and cross references, strong data validation capabilities, error reporting, live monitoring and comprehensive trading partner managing capabilities. It also supports large EDI data.

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3 Simple Steps to use Edisphere
Create Layouts and Maps
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Create Trading Partner Agreements & Workflows
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Create Endpoints and execute Translation in Background
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Create Layouts and Maps
  • Create the application layout (normally – proprietary flat-file, CSV, XML or JSON layout) so that Edisphere can validate, analyze and generate business application message.
  • Create the partner layout (normally – X12, EDIFACT, XML or JSON layout) as agreed upon with the trading partner so that Edisphere can validate, analyze and generate business partner message.
  • Create maps correlating the data in the application layout and partner layout, so that Edisphere can perform the appropriate conversion (mapping) between the application and partner message formats.
  • Edisphere is packed with smart and innovative features, which significantly simplifies your EDI Implementation & WEB SERVICES Integration effort. At the time of layout creation, syntax validation rules are automatically built-into the layout. Test Data Generator will rapidly generate sample data for testing. Analyzer will validate your layouts while Simulator will validate your maps.
  • Create Trading Partner Agreement & Workflows
  • Create partner profiles and agreements, so that Edisphere can exchange business messages with the trading partners and also to locate the appropriate layouts for data validation, maps for data conversion (mapping), and workflow for execution.
  • The Implementation kit is a very innovative feature in Edisphere, used for packaging your data integration implementations (trading partner agreements and associated layouts, maps, workflow, etc.) for deployment from development system to production system, and also to remotely support the implementation in production. It can also be used to archive (save) all implementations with one click, which can be used to duplicate a new system with ease.
  • Create Endpoints and execute Translation in Background
  • Configure your end points (ftp, web services, etc.), various servers like scheduler, sender(s), receiver(s), listener, functional acknowledgement, etc. to send and receive messages between your business application and your trading partners in an unattended mode. Create rules for identifying the layout to be associated for analyzing the file based on text in the data file or file naming convention. The run time map execution engine (translation) in form of Windows Service (background process) uses the implementations (agreements) prepared by Edisphere designer tools (layouts, maps, trading partner agreement, workflow) to perform the data validation, mapping and integration.
  • Edisphere’s multithreaded architecture significantly boosts its performance. Its Alert and Notification feature warns you of translation failures via email. It comprehensively logs all interactions for audit and monitoring.