EDISPHERE suite – Key Benefits

EDISPHERE is an innovative data integration tools for comprehensively meeting traditional EDI requirement as well as modern XML / JSON based SOAP / REST Web Services integration requirement.

Key Benefits

EDISPHERE fulfills your EDI requirements:

Entirely: Designed with a whole-product approach, it consists of both Productivity tools (Implementor, Collaborator) and Translation tools (Translator), to robustly integrate on premise ERP systems and Cloud systems over internet (see white paper, EDISPHERE - Overview).
Quickly: It has a very intuitive user interface and a number of smart features that simplifies your complex mapping requirements and helps you beat your data integration implementation deadline (see white paper, EDISPHERE – Mapping Simplified).
Reliably: It exhaustively validates your business messages for data integrity and assures you that your incoming and outgoing electronic data messages in X12, EDIFACT, Proprietry flat files, XML, JSON, etc. are absolutely error free (see white paper, EDISPHERE – Data Reliability).
Seamlessly: It integrates with your business application over Internet using FTP, Web Services, and in many other ways, quietly processing transactions in the background. It helps you to design your application messages in a manner that assures your long-term IT goals without burdening you with issues of future modifications to the data formats of your existing and new trading partners (see white paper EDISPHERE – Application Integration).
Cost effectively: Our high-quality low-cost R&D enables us to offer the products and services at a lower cost, which in turn offers you the best return on your investment (ROI) at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).