EdisphereTechnical Overview

Technical Overview

A complete solution for robustly automating complex supply chain comprising of several trading partners and cloud systems over Internet EDISPHERE is a comprehensive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) translation & Web Services integration system that seamlessly integrates your internal business applications with your external partners; mapping business messages in a variety of data formats, such as, X12, EDIFACT, XML, JSON, SAP IDOCs, Proprietary data formats (fixed length, variable length, CSV), etc., and securely exchanging the messages over internet using FTP, WebServices, etc. It also supports mapping to databases.

Unlike most EDI & WEB SERVICES Integration products, EDISPHERE has built-in productivity features along with rich mapping features, which helps in creating robust and maintainable data integration implementations very quickly. Besides, EDISPHERE is a high-performing scalable engine, enabled with active redundancy features; making it highly suited for 24×7 business intensive data exchange environments.

Further, EDISPHERE data integration platform is also available as a dedicated instance on the Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform in both the license model and managed hosted model that is seamlessly integrated with EDISPHERE source code in a continuous integration & deployment environment, which enables seamless upgrades to your EDISPHERE instance, thereby significantly lowering your infrastructure and human resource costs.

EDISPHERE is horizontally oriented (industry-neutral), designed to accommodate the needs of vertical industries such as Automotive, Banking and Financial, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation/Logistics, etc.

Our product development strategy consists of whole-product approach, which places strong emphasis on mapping non-standard and proprietary situations; which are mainstay of modern data integration implementation projects. The result has been the development of smart and innovative features in the product, which are certain to meet the peculiarities of your data integration requirements in a timely, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

Simply stated, EDISPHERE provides the best value in meeting your Data Integration requirement as well as your return on investment (ROI).