EDI Implementation (Any to Any Mapping)

EDISPHERE Implementor is a very intuitive and feature-rich product used to effortlessly create the layouts of your messages, maps, embed data syntax validation rules, simulate (test) EDI interfaces and build a robust EDI implementation.

Edisphere Implementor

Key Benefits

Easily create maps: Implementor has a very intuitive and easy to learn user interface, where your maps can be created using “drag and drop”, “point and click” features. It has number of very innovative features, which greatly simplifies your complex mapping requirements while significantly reducing your mapping efforts. Implementor has excellent capabilities to map messages of dissimilar types and disparate hierarchies (see white paper, EDISPHERE – Mapping Simplified).
Testing EDI interfaces: The Test Data Generator feature generates data in all supported EDI formats, including generating data directly in your database. Random and user supplied data can be generated for any finitely permissible number of segments and loops. When used with the Analyzer feature, it helps to test your application - EDI interfaces and partner - EDI interfaces, very early in your EDI implementation stage (even before you begin mapping).
Debugging maps: The Simulator feature provides excellent support for making your EDI system ready even before your evolving business application or your trading partner is ready to exchange messages and also for debugging your complex maps. Every segment in source and output being mapped is displayed with its complete hierarchal information along with the source data and the transformed mapped data. Errors, if any, are displayed. When used with the Implementor’s support for disabling maps temporarily so that partial maps are executed, it results in a very powerful debugging capability.