EDISPHERE – Implementation Tasks (Roles and responsibilities)

EDISPHERE is a suite of very comprehensive any-to-any Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) translation products, comprising of – Translator, Implementor and Collaborator. Our development strategy consisted of using a whole-product approach, which placed strong emphasis on its ability to accommodate non-standard and proprietary situations, which are the mainstay of EDI implementation projects.
At EDISPHERE Software, we have developed very innovative suite of data translation products to "Automate your B2B Operations".

Businesses communicate messages via post, fax and email. The recipient manually handles the information, which is slow, costly, error-prone and unreliable. The problem is more severe in supply-chain, where based on messages; every party streamlines their operation.

The solution exists in integrating data translation products with your business application, but high cost of implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology continues to be a major barrier, particularly when data interchange formats are traditional EDI formats such as X12 and EDIFACT.

EDISPHERE, our suite of any-to-any data translation products makes EDI implementation simple and affordable. It seamlessly integrates with your business application and EDI-enables it to exchange business messages with your customers, vendors and partners; in different formats such as X12, EDIFACT, XML, and Proprietary formats. No programming is necessary for either mapping or application integration.

Unlike other competing products, EDISPHERE has productivity features such as Analyzer, Test Data Generator and Simulator that helps in implementing EDI faster and more robustly. Also, EDISPHERE has features such as Implementation kit, which provides a packaging model for deploying the EDI implementation carried out locally or remotely and also subsequent maintenance/support of it.

EDISPHERE has a high performing multi-threaded translation engine, which can translate about half million 4k size messages every day. Unlike most competing products, EDISPHERE can translate large size EDI messages running into 100s of mega bytes in quick time. EDISPHERE has built-in support for automatically generating and reconciling functional acknowledgement messages. EDISPHERE mappings are backward compatible with new EDISPEHRE releases and also supports reuse thereby safeguarding your years of investment. EDISPHERE’s very reliable error reporting capabilities makes it highly suited for very demanding EDI implementations.

Our customers in US, Singapore, Hong Kong and India have greatly benefited by improving operational efficiency and reducing transaction cost, besides improving information management, business processes and overall competitiveness of their business.

Our high quality and low cost development in Nagpur provides unbeatable value to our customers. Not only EDISPHERE provides faster return on your investment at lower cost of ownership but you will find us very reliable to adapt to your urgent needs.