Edisphere Any To Any Network

Company Overview

Edisphere Software has developed very innovative DATA INTEGRATION product for seamlessly integrating ERP systems and supply chains of Trading Partners over Internet supporting both traditional EDI integration in X12 & EDIFACT data formats and modern web services integration in XML & JSON.

Established in 1995, and headquartered in Nagpur, India, the company leverages its low-cost and high-calibre work force to provide very comprehensive and yet affordable data integration solutions worldwide.

Large companies and government are using EDI & WEB SERVICES technology for seamlessly integrating their trading partner community to improve operating efficiency, reduce transaction cost, eliminate human errors, and be more competitive.

The company’s flagship software product, Edisphere – Data Integration Suite, is a very innovative and comprehensive data integration platform, which significantly simplifies complex EDI & WEB SERVICES data integration requirement, reduces recurring implementation cost; and coupled with excellent 24×7 support, it provides unbeatable value (ROI) to its customers.

The product is globally proven in a demanding 24×7 mission critical data integration environment.

Edisphere is horizontally oriented (industry-neutral), designed to accommodate the needs of vertical industries such as Automotive, Banking and Financial, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation/Logistics, etc.

Simply stated, Edisphere provides the best value for your data integration requirement, irrespective of whether you are implementing for the first time or looking to replace your current data integration system.