Value Proposition

Unlike our competitors, Edisphere – Data Integration Suite is a complete solution that offers unbeatable value to our customers for following reasons:

  • Edisphere has built-in productivity features along with rich mapping features, which helps in creating robust and maintainable data integration implementations very quickly.
  • Edisphere is also available as a dedicated instance on the Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform in both the license model and managed hosted model.
  • Faster Return on Investment (ROI) at lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Low product license / subscription fees
  • Low trading community integration and support charges
  • Low infrastructure and human resource requirement
  • Low learning curve and implementation time
  • Your immediate and long-term data integration requirement is secured
  • Great Customer References

    Globally proven product in 24×7 mission critical data integration environments

    Great Support (very knowledgeable support staff)

    Easy to do business with

    * Flexible – will adapt to the customer’s urgent requirements
    * You can always Rely on us

    We implement data integration faster and more robustly
    * Ask us about our Pilot program. First try and then buy!