Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in Bottling/Beverages Industry

EDI technology is catching on fast in the Bottling/Beverage Industry as a means of keeping track and improving efficiency across the supply chain, which comprises of beverage manufacturer, retailers as customers, distributors, and logistic providers. EDI enables a beverage manufacturer to receive customer forecasts (product activity), purchase orders, payment notifications, remittance advice, and reports electronically from its trading partners; and send them ship notifications, electronic invoices. This improves data accuracy, customer satisfaction and boosts customer loyalty as the correct orders are delivered to the right place and at the right time.

Examples of organizations using EDI in the Bottling/Beverage Industry:-
• Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Cokesolutions, Prana Bottling Company, Pepsi Bottling, Eish2o

Association for EDI in the Bottling/Beverage Industry: GS1, GS1- Retail Grocery

Some of the popular EDI messages used in the Bottling/Beverage Industry include:-

Order related:-
-Purchase Order messages

Shipping related:-
-Despatch Advice
-Advanced Ship Notice (ASN)
-Delivery/Return Base Record

Finance related:-
-Payment Order/Remittance Advice

Report related:-
-Application Advice
-Product Transfer & Resale Report
-Product Activity Data

Popular Data Formats: X12, EDIFACT, XML, Proprietary formats.

Benefits of EDI in the Bottling/Beverage Industry:
1.Rapid response to changing customer requirements.
2.Rapid and efficient on-boarding of new customers.
3.Orders, shipments and payments are processed faster at lower cost

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